Fears and how they impact our world

Fear is defined as “an unpleasant often strong emotion caused by anticipation or awareness of danger and accompanied by increased autonomic activity”, As for what is fear biologically speaking, when a person experiences fear, certain areas in their brain such as  the hypothalamus are immediately activated and appear to control the first physical response to fear.

In Chinese medicine they have identified fear as one of the five most destructive emotions.

One of the greatest human fears is “not to belong” or the fear of being” rejected”, “left out” or “isolated”.There are many types of fear a person can pass through: fear of failure that is basically built in since we were kids. “If you don’t do that, nobody would play with you”. Over years, you may find yourself avoiding situations where you would risk failure and hereby inventing excuses to perpetuate the fear.

If you ever think why so many crises take place in our world, the answer is simple, because of fear.We would not kill, attack, maim, and blow up other people if we weren’t afraid of them. And why is it important to know this? Because if we could just finally understand it’s fear that causes all anger, hate, war, murder, rape, abuse and everything else that isn’t love, then we can determine how to stop or at least drastically minimize all those archaic behaviors.


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