Self esteem

Self-esteem is the cornerstone of health and its behaviors which promote it.

During latency years, children pass through a significant phase where they need to go and face their world. Some face that with open arms and eagerness while others still feel they need their mother to be there to protect them and give them the needed support.

Parents often talk about self esteem but we don’t all know what it really means.

Building a healthy self esteem begins in childhood. We need to first know what we mean by self esteem. Self esteem means simply the love, appreciation and respect one has for himself.

It is much easier for girls that take their mother’s loving attention and a well established connection has taken place between her brain and her body, it will be much easier for her to feel within herself what is right for her, and to know how to go after it.

She will also have empathy for others. Self-esteem without empathy equals self-centeredness or narcissism.

Knowing that we are loved and respected by others is an essential ingredient in self-esteem, but ultimately self-esteem is an inside job. The need for self esteem even starts very early, the “do it myself” insistence of the toddler is a claim on self-esteem as well as on independence. It’s important that school-age girls be encouraged to develop areas of expertise that are recognized by the other people  beyond their immediate family members or friends. This sets up a start of a positive self-esteem cycle. Each time she learns she can rely on herself, or relate effectively to others, or reach a personal goal, the more confidence she has for the next step in her development. And if she suffers any limitations or drawbacks, the faster she will recover and get on the move again.


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