Heart Palipitation in Women with Menopause

Suffering from heart palpitations during menopause is with no doubt due to the changes taking place within the hormonal  system of a woman.

women during midlife time, tend to be more sensitive towards things and regimes that don’t serve them most.

For example, if you have been a regular caffeine drinker but now feel that you have started suffering from some palpitations during your menopause , a possible reason may be that your body cannot tolerate caffeine as before.  Aspartame ( often used in diet sugar) could also be one of the most common things used by women , however, when reaching their menopause stage , one needs to assess if the body can still tolerate it or not. Caffeine, aspartame and alcohol are categorized to be over stimulants for the heart. elements can work as over-stimulants for the heart.

The caffeine in one cup can take up to ten hours to be metabolized in women, hence it created a stimulatory effect on the central nervous system along with the heart nerves for some time.

Looking at your palpitations now from another aspect.. palpitations are defined as irregular heart-beating which incurs either regularly or irregularly.

When we feel such irregularities they are usually not only on the physical level.

Our body is a reflection of what we feel on all three levels, mental, emotional and spiritual.

If you experience palpitations the message is that you need to listen more to your heart.

Women with the change of hormones either during menopause, pregnancy or even during the Pre-menstrual cycle are prone to be more sensitive. Therefore, as part of helping yourself heal your palpitations you may need to  avoid any extreme emotions ( if you can!).

During midlife , a woman is seeking more balance and freedom for her heart, she needs to create a healthy connection between what she needs and how to get it.

I have once read that a woman stopped getting palpitations once she got the promotion she needed at work!

A woman needs to find a way to learn to listen to her body when there is anything calling for more attention , the heart needs more nourishment as we grow older so make sure you nourish it and enjoy the outcomeJ

Nada Rashed

CAM Practioner

International Reflexology Teacher


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