Fearful? Let go and have your life back…

Fear is defined as “an unpleasant often strong emotion caused by anticipation or awareness of danger and accompanied by increased autonomic activity”, (www.merriam-webster.com). As for what is fear biologically speaking, when a person experiences fear, certain areas in their brain such as  the hypothalamus are immediately activated and appear to control the first physical response to fear. Chemicals such as adrenaline and the stress hormone cortisol are released into the blood stream

The acronym for fear is: False Expectations of an Altered Reality where the truth is obscured from view.

In Chinese medicine they have identified fear as one of the five most destructive emotions.

One of the greatest human fears is “not to belong” or the fear of being” rejected”, “left out” or “isolated”.

We often experience a disconnection for one of more reasons throughout our lives. Hence, we continue to search for something to give us back the sense of belonging and security. Through our attachment to work, possessions, persons and control over as much of our life as possible, in the intention of building a safe basis for our existence. To have fears in the face of life’s challenges is only human, but how we acknowledge and move forward from a position of fear can be instrumental to health and happiness.

Acute fear can be sometimes healthy though. It may help us maintain a positive status quo of our life. On the other hand, chronic fear has a “paralyzing” effect on your life creating illusions which can hold us back for years.

There are many types of fear a person can pass through: fear of failure that is basically built in since we were kids. “If you don’t do that, nobody would play with you”. Over years, you may find yourself avoiding situations where you would risk failure and hereby inventing excuses to perpetuate the fear. Interestingly, psychological studies that those who are afraid of heights usually fear failure. Fear of failure prevents you to live the moment, due to the fact of thinking too much about past perceived failures and being too anxious about the future.

Fear can be balanced out via the base chakra enabling you to live comfortably in the present knowing that the past is over and the future is the hands of GOD.

Another type of fear is the fear of “imperfection” or “not being good enough”.

If you are a perfectionist and try to control your world through such statements, you will often find yourself faced with fear. Perfectionists never sit still, driven by the need to finish one more task and convinced that if the job it’s worth doing, it is worth doing it myself.

Due to their own insecurity, they use criticism as a mean to keep others in their place. With a balances base chakra, you will be less harsh on yourself, accept things with love and ability to make mistakes.

A further type of fear is related to vulnerability. Some people don’t like others to see who they truly are. The fear of loss of control often protects an underlying fear of being vulnerable in front of others.  It if funny that we always thin that people doesn’t already know the darker aspects of our personality and still love us.

If you ever think why so many crises take place in our world, the answer is simple, because of fear.

We would not kill, attack, maim, and blow up other people if we weren’t afraid of them. And why is it important to know this? Because if we could just finally understand it’s fear that causes all anger, hate, war, murder, rape, abuse and everything else that isn’t love, then we can determine how to stop or at least drastically minimize all those archaic behaviors.

We have some sort of divine energy – life – in us, yet, those ruled by fair insist on making rules for salvation and deciding what people should believe and how they should act.

If you look around at all people who started wars or fought new ideas, it was driven out of fear. For example: Conservatives are afraid of a lack of order and new ideas. Liberals are afraid of conservatives.

A rapist is afraid that he can’t be happy or feel love the way he is, but needs control to feel worthy or special. A murderer is afraid of the person he kills, or the things that person represents. Why would anyone rape or kill if they loved?

I fear now that humans are beginning to lose the true nature of life‘s purpose.

I’m afraid people won’t understand that all separation among humans – through race, religion, or national boundaries – is based on fear. Anger and judgment are based on fear.

All of the conflicts that humans experience in society are based on fear, not love. If our society learns to understand the fear, let go of it– forgive, then we can finally have peace in this world. If we can just realize that we are all in the same boat, on the same planet, and that we are family, we can let go of the things that divide us.

Another way to think of it is that anything separating us is based on fear; our unity and similarity are a result of love.

It’s time to change our minds and our lives. We just have to learn that fear causes our separation and self-destructive behavior. When we know love and let go of the fears that have controlled us, only then we shall rise again.

Let go of your fears and move on :

“Boldness is the ability to step outside boundaries created by fear and insecurity. Transcend your own limitations”- Deepak Chopra.


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