The power of love

Life is simple. It is made of either negative or positive aspects.

Each area in your life will have either one or both of these aspects.

Your health, your relationships, your job,your family..

“Love is an element which though physically unseen is as real as air or water. It is an acting, living, moving force.. it moves waves and currents like those of the ocean” Prentice Mulford.

Love is not just a feeling ,it is a vital force of life. The force of love -and although invisible- has power outstanding any of the other nature’s powers.

Simply said that without love there is no life.

Every invetnion , creation or discovery was born as a result of love in the heart of the person/ creator.

Without the love of the architects we wouldn’t have had homes for example, no buildings to live in or work at.

Without love there would be no doctors to treat patients, there would be no teachers or schools. There would be nobody to help you out when you need help.

In every moment of our lives, we have a choice. Even when we tend to think that we don’t, we actually do.It is vital to know that we always have a choice how we want our lives to be. Every moment of our lives is a matter of choice. How we respond to our problems and challenges is also a matter of choice. And chooding love is the optimal choice to have.

Love is key for all the good things in your life whereas lack of love is key for all the negative things around you.

Attraction is the force that draws people to other people. It is the same concept of why you may like to read and your friend likes to cook. Attraction draws you to the favorite things, people and places you like to be at.Attraction in other words is also love.

Hence using love is a vital way and force to attract all the great things you want in your life, it is not about using your mind.. it is about using the great power of love.

Everything in life is about how we feel. We act through feelings. Thoughts and feelings have an energy on their own. We create certain waves when we think and when we feel. Balanced healthy people like to feel good, while the more unbalanced like to stay victims on their own negative mindset.That is why,we tend to choose a job over another because it makes us feel good,  feel achieved.. We choose a person or a partner over another because they make us feel good. Whatver you want in your life, you want because you love it and will make you feel good .

Another thought to think about is that life is not really happening to us, it is rather responding to us. We get what we need, even the negative things, we get because we either need them to be there to teach us something and be our guide for some time or they are there because we have called on them since we are suffering an unbalanced state of energy and hence attracting the negative things. Like when you think of bad things that are likely to happen to you , chances are they will happen in to you because you have been calling on them.

We must train our thoughts and minds to be happy and learn to give. Whatever you give out you will receive back.

So just give out love, be united with love and your life will change!

Nada Rashed

CAM Practitioner



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