Inspiration Island – Holistic Healing: Part 2




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Essential Energy

The application of pressure is usually done in a circular motion, so that it may stimulate the body’s vital energy and create an overall balance. The vital energy that flows though each organ and system of the body is also referred to as Chi or Prana in Eastern medicine. All of the body’s organs and systems are connected by this vital energy. Therefore, if a particular organ is sick, one must look at the entire body to locate the cause of the illness.

Numerous experiments and studies have been done on Chi or Prana energy in China in the last thirty years. The studies revealed the presence of a mixture of electromagnetic fields in the energy of the human body. Today, various tools and machines exist to measure this type of energy.

More than Just a Foot Massage!

Reflexology is different from a regular foot massage because it works by applying pressure on specific areas. This implies the existence of pain in those areas, if an imbalance is present. On the other hand, a foot massage entails ‘massaging’ the feet in a way which results in a comfortable and relaxing state but which does not really deal with the symptoms of any illness or with the illness itself.

From Imbalance to Illness

Research and experience has shown that reflexology can help deal with various illnesses that a person may be suffering from. If the vital energy is out of BALANCE, there is usually either a physical or emotional manifestation of that imbalance. The aim is to restore this balance through a variety of ways, one of which is reflexology. As it helps put the vital energy back in HARMONY and BALANCE, it deals with the illnesses a person could be suffering from. When the body is in a balanced state, it can act in a HEALTHY manner and can react properly to anything that affects it.

The Importance of Awareness

Part of the whole HEALING process is the ‘awareness’ that we need to develop in order to deal with a disease. Diseases develop as a result of imbalances that have existed for a long time and which have either been ignored or which we have failed to deal with properly. Therefore, AWARENESS should exist before the ailment actually turns into a real disease! Even the slightest thing, such as a headache or interrupted sleep, should be examined closely and dealt with. The key is to be aware of all our mental, emotional and physical needs. Only then, will we be able to act as defenders of our own imbalances and will we be able to remain HEALTHY.

Listen to your Heart (and Body)!

The next time you develop a particular symptom, stay with it and observe it. Try to find out what it is trying to tell you. Pay attention to it in a different way by listening to your mind and body. Being AWARE of your needs and acknowledging them is the first step of any HEALING process, no matter what type of therapy you choose. Take care of your emotions and your body, and you will always be HEALTHY and FIT!


Twitter: @RythmFromWithin


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