Thursday Night – Thoughts to Ponder

Create Abundance




According to the website, abundance is defined as “an extremely plentiful or over sufficient quantity or supply.” Lately though, we have grown accustomed to using the word abundance in many contexts related to improving our quality of life. Abundance, and knowing what we can achieve, is a deeper aspect of being ‘aware’ of how our lives can improve and get better.

It is not difficult to attract abundance if you believe in it and if you believe that “you are what you think.” As I previously mentioned on this page, the thoughts of today will create our tomorrow. We need to recognize that tomorrow holds the best and that only the best is yet to come. We still need to affirm our love for ourselves because this helps us believe that we will achieve abundance and that we deserve “plenty” and deserve the best.

Manifesting abundance is something that we all do, intentionally or otherwise. Depending on our thoughts and beliefs, we may have created an abundance of joy, splendid relationships, radiant health and even wealth, or we may have created an abundance of the opposite – misery, loneliness, illness and poverty.

One key to accelerating the process of manifesting abundance is to become aware of limiting subconscious beliefs (resistance). Ironically, the conditions that people have the strongest resistance to are generally the first ones that they choose to ‘manifest.’ For example, if someone is experiencing a desperate desire for money, this is a clear indication that he or she has some resistance towards having it. Although they have every conscious intention of manifesting wealth, certain belief systems buried deep within their subconscious may be sabotaging their efforts and thus hindering the flow of wealth into their lives.

A good way to create abundance is to use the positive and present tense when you are thinking of and making your affirmation statements. For example, saying “I attract everything I need into my life,” is much better than saying “I will attract everything I need into my life.” When you try to repeat this statement or affirmation, your mind will often interfere by stopping this energy flow and making you drift to other thoughts instead. It is mainly a matter of training your mind to focus and believe that the best is still there to come.

When you repeat positive abundance statements, you are attracting abundance into your life. During your repetitions, you will be surprised at some of the thoughts that come up. Notice that as you proceed through this exercise, your responses will become more positive. Some of your first negative (limiting) thoughts will suddenly seem less true and you will begin to realize that positivity is paying off and bringing more of what you wish to have into your path. When you better understand what is happening in your subconscious, you begin to accelerate the process of attracting what you need in ways that you need.



“I am open and receptive to all the good and abundance in the Universe.”

Louise Hay

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