Natural Healing Arts

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In the natural healing arts, we don’t necessarily think ‘conditions’ — we think imbalances so the idea is to get the Mental/Vata, Social/Pitta, and/or Physical/Kapha system back in balance. If one side of this 3-sided triangle: mental, social, physical, is weakened, it weakens the whole system.

As human beings, we are always negotiating with our health – we live on a physical planet and we are physical entities so it is next to impossible to not be negotiating with some part of our lifestyle throughout our lives. The goal is to stay as healthy as we can for the whole of our lives but, for me, not so healthy that we can’t find a way to check out. We do next an exit strategy too at some point at the end of the road.

Life is the push and pull of opposites – pleasure and pain — too much of a good thing that pleasures us can turn into pain. Moderation is the key as the saying goes and we strive to stay somewhere in the middle between pleasure and pain as we negotiate with our habits in life and strive to keep those habits within a margin of error so that we can maintain and continue at maximum performance.

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