Evil and good

When I think about evil and good , lots of things come through my mind since the start of humanity.

You meet lots of people that make good things and others that just do the opposite. When I think of evil I personally look at it from the angle of ignorance. The ignorance to see things the way they really are and lack of understanding of how you can make simple good things to make your life and others’ better and filled with positivity.

Evil causes negative things such as sufferings, selfishness and as previously mentioned lack of self awareness.

Part of being evil is also not knowing  who you really are and the true nature of reality. If you knew, then there would be no need to act evil and harmful. There would be no need for evil in the first place.

A further part of evil is related to fear and its consequences which I have previously shared when fear was discussed in more depth.

The fear of losing control and eventually the ultimate fear of death is behind many evil actions.

Despite that we all know that evil exists and is part of our life we don’t always know what and how we deal with it.

Enlightment is certainly a way that can help us control and limit the negative consequences of evil.

It is the infinite light of awareness that makes everything and all experiences possible. Hence if you choose not to be aware then you will suffer, on the other hand, if you choose to be expended then you will be happy and enjoy goodness and if you are boundless you will be free.

Self awareness is key. It helps you see how you perceive life, how you perceive your relationships, it makes you even more aware of your breath, your ideas, your thoughts and your life purpose. Self awareness is also key for relationships as without it you may be part of a self destructive relationship that is causing you harm and evil.

The choice to be enlighted and see life as it really is, is a simple choice. It spares us lots of negativity, evil and harm for ourselves and others.

The light that everyone has inside him/her is the natural force that helps us stand on our feet again when life gets difficult. This light is the driving force that makes us see the good in ourselves and in others.

Seek that light and let it grow , it will light your path and your heart. An enlighted  heart and soul cannot do evil and will never miss the path of goodness and eventually will never miss the path to God.

“God did not create evil. Just as darkness is the absence of light, evil is the absence of God.”
Albert Einstein

Nada Rashed


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