5 Natural Headache Beaters By Matt Jackson



Headaches and migraines can be caused by any number of factors but they all have one thing in common –  without an effective cure they can bring your life to a grinding and painful halt. This guide is meant for  those who don’t wish to take prescription or over the counter drugs and would rather use natural remedies  and healing techniques to cure their headaches.




Headache (Photo credit: Lel4nd)

Care should always be taken when looking at homeopathic or any other alternative remedies to ensure that  they won’t interact with medication you are currently taking and, of course, to make sure they have the  desired effect. However, what works for one person won’t necessarily work for the next so experiment to  find the best cure for you.




There are a number of different ways to use aromatherapy Among the most effective application methods  for headaches are the use of candles, oils and massage oils. Eucalyptus, lavender and sandlewood have  proven to be particularly effective at combating migraines and other forms of headache. You should avoid  the temptation to buy cheap products because often they contain very little of the actual ingredient you  actually want and supplement this with chemicals that could well worsen your headache.




Feverfew (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Feverfew has recently become an incredibly popular method to combat headaches and, in particular, migraines. The active component in feverfew is parthenolide that is becoming increasingly popular with researchers and physicians alike because it has shown promising signs of fighting Leukemia and other more serious complaints. Feverfew acts as an anti-inflammatory and as well as preventing the onset of migraines  it can also help combat a sensitivity to light and nauseous feelings.


Research is still ongoing and, as such, it is difficult to give guidance with regards to the amount to take. Common side effects include a sore throat and mouth and skin rash if large quantities are taken. Recommendations range from 100mg to 200mg per day; any more is not advised. Feverfew capsules are available but many migraine relief tablets also include feverfew in their active ingredients so some shopping around in your local store may yield results.


Passion Flower


Passionflower (Passiflora) has gained a lot of respect in herbal medicine as providing a potential cure for various ailments. Among its uses, passionflower shows strong signs of combating migraines and headaches as well as lowering anxiety levels and works effectively as an anti-inflammatory. This combination means that passionflower extracts can help to prevent the throbbing sensation in your head associated with cluster headaches and migraines.




Peppermint has several advantages as a headache and migraine cure. It tastes and smells pleasant and is


easily obtainable. Clinical tests have also shown excellent results for many patients. Peppermint is best


used as an essential oil but you should avoid its consumption if you have acid indigestion or other digestive  complaints. Peppermint has been widely recognized as a headache cure for many hundreds of years but has  also been used as a coolant and a mild relaxant.



Gingko biloba

Gingko biloba (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Who hasn’t heard of Gingko Biloba and its various uses as an herbal remedy? As well as being used to help alleviate headaches it is also popular as an antidepressant and to improve memory and alertness. This unique combination of uses has made it extremely popular in health supplements and products for some  years now. Many Gingko supplements are available that also contain peppermint, cayenne and other beneficial plants and herbs. Superstores and health stores have a stock of different Gingko products available so choose wisely and, if necessary, experiment until you find the perfect remedy for you.








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