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Evil and good

When I think about evil and good , lots of things come through my mind since the start of humanity.

You meet lots of people that make good things and others that just do the opposite. When I think of evil I personally look at it from the angle of ignorance. The ignorance to see things the way they really are and lack of understanding of how you can make simple good things to make your life and others’ better and filled with positivity.

Evil causes negative things such as sufferings, selfishness and as previously mentioned lack of self awareness.

Part of being evil is also not knowing  who you really are and the true nature of reality. If you knew, then there would be no need to act evil and harmful. There would be no need for evil in the first place.

A further part of evil is related to fear and its consequences which I have previously shared when fear was discussed in more depth.

The fear of losing control and eventually the ultimate fear of death is behind many evil actions.

Despite that we all know that evil exists and is part of our life we don’t always know what and how we deal with it.

Enlightment is certainly a way that can help us control and limit the negative consequences of evil.

It is the infinite light of awareness that makes everything and all experiences possible. Hence if you choose not to be aware then you will suffer, on the other hand, if you choose to be expended then you will be happy and enjoy goodness and if you are boundless you will be free.

Self awareness is key. It helps you see how you perceive life, how you perceive your relationships, it makes you even more aware of your breath, your ideas, your thoughts and your life purpose. Self awareness is also key for relationships as without it you may be part of a self destructive relationship that is causing you harm and evil.

The choice to be enlighted and see life as it really is, is a simple choice. It spares us lots of negativity, evil and harm for ourselves and others.

The light that everyone has inside him/her is the natural force that helps us stand on our feet again when life gets difficult. This light is the driving force that makes us see the good in ourselves and in others.

Seek that light and let it grow , it will light your path and your heart. An enlighted  heart and soul cannot do evil and will never miss the path of goodness and eventually will never miss the path to God.

“God did not create evil. Just as darkness is the absence of light, evil is the absence of God.”
Albert Einstein

Nada Rashed


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An Artist’s Experience of Reflexology


Most people recognize reflexology as an enjoyable way in which to improve physical health. I’d like to relate the experience of one graduate of theTherapeutic Hand & Foot Reflexology Professional Certification; an artist and massage therapist who was pleasantly surprised to discover that reflexology delivered much more than physical relief for her. The comments below were submitted as part of her overall feedback of the program (published with her consent).

“As a massage therapist, I am always looking for ways to enrich my client’s therapeutic experience. I knew reflexology would be a valuable addition to my practice since a major roadblock to healing is often a client’s inability to let go of tension. With these ideas in mind, I decided to enroll in Karen Ball’sTherapeutic Hand & Foot Reflexology Professional Certification training. The following paragraphs describe my experience receiving my session from Karen during that training.

I had been under a lot of stress in my life and had been experiencing visual migraines: brilliant, multihued bands of color flashing at my periphery, especially when rotating my head quickly. I wondered how or if reflexology would affect this.

As the session unfolded, the deep relaxation became a portal into an even deeper state approaching the hypnagogic experience. The hypnagogic state is a deep transitional state between sleeping and wakefulness, often accompanied by vivid, dreamlike imagery. For a visual artist, hypnagogic imagery is a rich source of inspiration and a way of communicating with the deepest expressions of the psyche.

My consciousness began to weave into unconsciousness as Karen worked on my left foot. When she moved to my right, I noticed that my toes were especially sensitive. That’s the last thing I remember before dissolving into the psyche’s gallery of liquid imagery. There, I drifted onto that dusky limbic edge where the veils between consciousness and unconsciousness are thinnest.”

In the next couple of paragraphs (omitted here) she described – and later painted! – the visual images she experienced during this session. She concludes with…

“As the session neared completion, my experience was accompanied by a sensation of fizzing, carbonated energy bubbles cleansing the dorsal areas of my feet. This sensation channeled upward through my legs and had an integrating effect on the total body. The level of relaxation was deeply profound. I “awoke” from the session feeling rested and rejuvenated.

The meaning of these images is both profound and illusive to me. They reflect a visual/kinesthetic language that is not easily transcribed into words. An artist doesn’t make these images meaningful, they come imbued with meaning. They have a cellular motility like a vitally morphing liquid screen. When fishing in this deep pond of the psyche, one discovers an experience that is both releasing and inspiring. I discovered that reflexology is one door to this healing experience.

Oh, and no more migraines!”


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More on color therapy

Color therapy, also known as chromotherapy, is often facilitated in the healing rooms of alternative health practitioners. Color therapy is classified as a vibrational healing modality. Vibrational medicineincorporates the use of chi energies within living organisms such as plants, gemstones and crystals, water, sunlight, and sound.

Color is simply a form of visible light, of electromagnetic energy. All the primary colors reflected in the rainbowcarry their own unique healing properties. The sun alone is a wonderful healer! Just imagine what life would be like without sunshine. It has been proven that lack of sunlight contributes to depression for some people.

A therapist trained in color therapy applies light and color in the form of tools, visualization, or verbal suggestion to balance energy in the areas of our bodies that are lacking vibrance, be it physical, emotional, spiritual, or mental.

Color is introduced to us early in life. We use pastel pinks and blues in our nursery decors to welcome newborn babies into a gentle and restful atmosphere. How often have you been asked What is Your Favorite Color? You cannot probably remember the first time you were asked this question either. On your first day of kindegarten? When you were given your first box of Crayons?

History of Color

The history of color healing has its roots in ancient Egypt. Some Internet references, such as http://www.reikinurse.com, indicate that color therapy has a connection with ancient civilizations of Atlantis, Lemuria, Mu, and Alatia.

Scientific Color Studies

Applying the famous Luscher’s Color Test can be quite revealing. Scientists, who have have studied color and light extensively, recognize that colors bring about emotional reactions to individuals. Our reactions and attitudes to colors differ from person to person, which makes an interesting study in itself. Our attraction to certain colors may very well signal areas where we are imbalanced. Understanding why certain colors effect us favorably while others bring about negative feelings helps us along our healing journeys.

The Colors You Wear Can Reflect Your Emotional State

Have you taken inventory of your closet lately? You may be in a fashion rut and need to introduce some new articles of clothing into your wardrobe with different colors that will best reflect your mood swings. Wearing the wrong color can make you feel out of sorts with yourself.

By , About.com Guide

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Heart Palipitation in Women with Menopause

Suffering from heart palpitations during menopause is with no doubt due to the changes taking place within the hormonal  system of a woman.

women during midlife time, tend to be more sensitive towards things and regimes that don’t serve them most.

For example, if you have been a regular caffeine drinker but now feel that you have started suffering from some palpitations during your menopause , a possible reason may be that your body cannot tolerate caffeine as before.  Aspartame ( often used in diet sugar) could also be one of the most common things used by women , however, when reaching their menopause stage , one needs to assess if the body can still tolerate it or not. Caffeine, aspartame and alcohol are categorized to be over stimulants for the heart. elements can work as over-stimulants for the heart.

The caffeine in one cup can take up to ten hours to be metabolized in women, hence it created a stimulatory effect on the central nervous system along with the heart nerves for some time.

Looking at your palpitations now from another aspect.. palpitations are defined as irregular heart-beating which incurs either regularly or irregularly.

When we feel such irregularities they are usually not only on the physical level.

Our body is a reflection of what we feel on all three levels, mental, emotional and spiritual.

If you experience palpitations the message is that you need to listen more to your heart.

Women with the change of hormones either during menopause, pregnancy or even during the Pre-menstrual cycle are prone to be more sensitive. Therefore, as part of helping yourself heal your palpitations you may need to  avoid any extreme emotions ( if you can!).

During midlife , a woman is seeking more balance and freedom for her heart, she needs to create a healthy connection between what she needs and how to get it.

I have once read that a woman stopped getting palpitations once she got the promotion she needed at work!

A woman needs to find a way to learn to listen to her body when there is anything calling for more attention , the heart needs more nourishment as we grow older so make sure you nourish it and enjoy the outcomeJ

Nada Rashed

CAM Practioner

International Reflexology Teacher

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Alternative Ways to Heal Fertility


Ways to Heal


Dr: Nada Rashed

 Having a baby is a happy event that many couples look forward to. Yet many couples often experience problems nowadays and the following explanations may help identify some of the problems and offer some alternative solutions. 

The sooner you detect, address, and treat problems that may affect fertility, the better your chances of having a successful pregnancy.

Women’s Issues 

Here are a few of the common health factors that can affect a woman’s ability to ovulate, conceive, or carry a pregnancy to term.

Being Overweight

Body fat levels that are 10 to 15 percent above normal can overload the body with estrogen, throwing off the reproductive cycle.

Being Underweight

Body fat levels 10 to 15 percent below normal may affect the reproductive process.

Having a Hormonal Imbalance

Irregularities in the hormone system (characterized by irregular menstrual cycles or short, long, or heavy periods) can affect ovulation and even the ability to conceive hence it is recommended to deal with these problems once they arise and not to count on time to regulate them.

Having an Autoimmune Disorder

Diseases such as lupus, diabetes, thyroid disease, and rheumatoid arthritis can interfere with fertility.

Certain Medications

Antidepressants, antibiotics, painkillers, and other drugs used to treat chronic disorders may cause temporary infertility.

Using Tobacco or Alcohol

Smoking may increase the risk of infertility in women; and even moderate alcohol consumption can impair conception.

Fallopian Tube Disease

Fallopian tube disease accounts for about 20 percent of infertility cases treated, according to The National Infertility Association in the USA. Since tubal scarring or blockage is often caused by sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), pelvic inflammatory disease, or certain surgeries. You need to be aware and share with your doctor if you have ever had:

  • An STD, such as gonorrhea, syphilis, or chlamydia. You  should detect and treat infections as early as possible (both partners should be treated even if one has the infection).
  • Pelvic pain, unusual vaginal discharge, and/or bleeding, with or without a fever.
  • Pelvic surgery for a ruptured appendix, ovarian cysts, or an ectopic pregnancy (a pregnancy that takes place outside of the uterus, usually in the fallopian tubes).


Endometriosis is a condition in which tissue from the uterine lining grows outside the uterus, on the ovaries, fallopian tubes, bladder, and/or bowel. This can lead to infertility because the following may result:

  •  Scar tissue: Rigid webs of scar tissue may form between the uterus, ovaries, and fallopian tubes, preventing the transfer of the egg to the fallopian tubes.
  • Cysts: Endometrial cysts may grow inside the ovaries and prevent the release of the egg or its collection by the fallopian tube.
  • Poor egg implantation: Endometriosis may prevent the fertilized egg from adhering to the uterine wall. Early detection of this condition is key to its successful control and to preserving fertility.
  • In some cases, women with endometriosis have no painful symptoms and in such instances, the condition can only be confirmed with a surgical procedure called a laparoscopy.

Men’s Issues

The following is a partial list of risk factors that may contribute to male infertility:


Smoking impairs the ability of sperm to move.

Taking Prescription Drugs

Some medications, such as those for ulcers or psoriasis, can slow or prevent the production of sperm.

Exposing Genitals to Heat

The frequent use of saunas, steam rooms, hot tubs, whirlpools, and hot baths can temporarily impair sperm production and reduce sperm count.

Having Certain Conditions or Illnesses

Men with a history of prostatitis or gential infection, mumps after puberty, surgery on their hernia, undescended testicles, or scrotal varicose veins (varicocele

Alternative Therapy For Infertility

There are several ways in the alternative medicine approaches to deal with some of the infertility problems occurring in both men and women:


An ancient science based on the principle of applying pressure on certain points located on the hands and feet to stimulate the vital energy of the human body and create overall balancing effects. In infertility cases, reflexology stimulates the endocrine system, paying special attention to the pituitary gland, ovaries and fallopian tubes to enhance the functions of these organs.


An old science based on the fact that “like cures like”, several remedies which are derived from plants, tissues, minerals can be given to stimulate the vital energy and enhance the functions of organs, it can also help to deal with painful period cramps, some STDs and cysts.


The “scientific” explanation is that it changes levels of neurotransmitters, the chemicals that nerve cells use to communicate. By using thin needles it removes any energy pathways (meridian) blockages and hence the function of these organs. It regulates hormonal imbalances as well.


Use of clary sage oil massage which is said to improve estrogen levels.

Chakra Balancing

The Chinese believe that any disease is a result of emotional disturbance and chakra imbalances. The root and sacral chakras are both in charge of sexual organs, and the female uterus. Balancing the chakras is the same concept as balancing the meridians using acupuncture, it recreates the balance and any blockages released can lead to better performance of the organ.

Stopping Bad Habits

Quitting smoking, alcohol consumption and bad nutrition.

Improved Diet

Eating foods rich in estrogen for women (broccoli, soy, barley, clover, fennel, chickpeas, apples, parsley, brown rice, oats, pears, plums, olives, cherries, seaweed, mushrooms, celery, pumpkin seeds, prunes). As well as using more spices such as cloves, ginger, hops, oregano, red raspberry, sage tea, thyme, turmeric.


Ensuring you get the required amount of vitamins and supplements if recommended by your doctor:

Vitamin E (found in nuts, seeds, oils, and leafy greens), Vitamin C (found in many fruits and vegetables, with the highest levels found in red peppers, kiwi, oranges, and grapefruit), beta carotene, zinc (found in oysters, crab, red meat, poultry, and beans).

Also, remember that infertility is a heterogeneous problem and treating the body in a wholistic way is always a good way to deal with any disease or physical problem.


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