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Yoga – the mental side.

This article was written by Danielle Gault. I loved it so much that I wanted to share it with all of you.

Thirty years ago when the healing arts was beginning to blossom in

people’s minds, I was introduced to Yoga, Jung and Reflexology.  These three topics formed the basis of who I am today and what I do and provided the structures that have helped keep me balanced mentally, socially, and physically.

This blog covers the topic One – Yoga – the mental side.

ImageThe Yoga Chakras showed me how to reduce inner tension through self-understanding.  The Yoga Chakra system defines energy in terms wheels of consciousness. The 3 lower wheels represent our ‘human’ side, which is more of a contractive nature, while the 3 upper wheels represent our ‘spiritual’ or being side, which is more of an expansive nature.  The pivotal wheel or center of consciousness is at the heart area. When this centre is maturely developed, it helps connect us to the upper 3 expansive centers of meaning, purpose, and love as well as assists us in the development of the 3 lower chakras which can harbour greed, martyrdom, competitiveness, and aloofness. When all centers are maturely developed they contribute toward evolving, supporting, and mentoring self and others. Staying healthy using Yoga philosophy means to use supportive actions to serve humanity. If you had to chose one of the chakras that you feel requires more attention and development, which one would it be?

On a scale of 1 to 10 where 1 is totally not me and 10 is totally me, how would you rate the following in terms of what’s happening in your life right now?

  1. Upper 3 Chakras relating to meaning, purpose and love, I rate as ____
  2. Heart Center Chakra (pivotal point where upper and lower meet), I rate how connected with compassion I feel towards others right now as ____
  3. Lower 3 Chakras relating to feelings of competitiveness, martyrdom, and greed in my life right now, I would rate as ____

The first step to making change in our lives is to first become aware of our unconscious patterns.  From there, we can make more conscious choices.

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