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Your Life in Color – Part 1

Your Life in Colour


Nada Rashed

CAM Practitioner

If you look through a prism you will see that everything in the world is surrounded by colour. From the beginning of time, people have recognized the healing power of colour.

We all depend on light for our existence, without the sun for example we would have no plants to give us the nutrition which we need, we would have no trees to absorb the toxins and produce oxygen. As we get and maintain our health from the sun, hence, we benefit from the interrelated element of the light, which is colour.

Colour influences us to a great extent as each colour affects the brain differently. For example, the very bright, intense hues and shiny colours affect the most primitive, deep part of the brain known as the “limbic system”. Some people see the colour red when they are angry and this reflects the connection between physical reactions to colours and emotions.

Colour therapy involves the use of the energy vibrations of colour in treating some conditions. It helps balance the natural rhythms of the body through identifying what colour the body feels a deficiency for then giving that colour to the body to create a balanced state.

It has been proven that every colour has its own therapeutic value and each one can be used to treat a particular physical or emotional problem resulting from an unbalanced level of vital energy. There are many ways of working with colour but out of experience the most effective ones are to direct the colour needed to the person either over the whole body or on a particular spot you feel it is out of balance or is suffering from a disease, the other way is to simply lie a scarf in the colour needed on the part which the practitioner sees required. The body then starts to change its vibrational energy as it interferes with the vibrational energy of the colour allowing for a more balanced state.


Chakra Colors:

Every colour has a complementary colour  for example, red has a complementary color green, yellow has a complementary of violet etc and usually the practitioner uses the colour and its complementary to make sure the chakras (energy centres) of the body are well balanced. There are 7 main chakras of the body, each one is located in a particular part of the body and they divide the body into a right side and a left side. The chakras start at the centre of the forehead and go down in a vertical line until the base of the spine (some people regard the base chakra as the first chakra). Each chakra is associated with a particular organ/gland and colour.

The base chakra is related to the legs, feet, large intestines and reproductive organs and has the colour red.

The sacral chakra comes next with its orange colour, it is found in the pelvic area just below the navel and it is the body’s sexual energy centre, it is associated with the liver, pancreas, spleen, kidneys and bladder.

The solar plexus chakra is above the navel it has a yellow colour which relates to the stomach and the functioning of the nervous system. A person often experiences feelings of grief or even depression when there is a deficiency in that chakra and hence the yellow colour.

The heart chakra comes next and is located at the centre of the chest and it rules feelings of compassion and emotional balance and has the colour green. Pink is a lovely colour for love and balancing the heart chakra would either require red or green depending whether the chakra is over or under active.

The throat chakra is at the front of the throat and is connected to the thyroid gland which controls the body’s metabolism. This chakra has the colour blue and is the centre of speech, communication and self-expression. One of the easy ways to balance out a deficiency in that chakra is to wear a blue stone around the throat or wear a blue scarf.

The brow chakra is the sixth chakra (between the eyebrows) which is associated with the pituitary gland and which controls the body’s hormone production, this chakra has an indigo colour and when this chakra is in good condition, it allows people to be clairvoyants and develop their personal intuition.

The crown chakra is the last chakra, which has the colour violet, it is connected to the pineal gland and is the centre of spirituality.



Another form of simple colour therapy which anyone can do is the clothes we are wearing and how to choose their colours  First we should know that it is very important that our wardrobe contains all colors and if you find that you dress mostly one or 2 colors that certainly indicates an unbalanced state of the body and the definite lack of other colours within our bodies which will help us maintain a balanced state of health. You do not have to use the colours you dislike in clothes but include them in your accessories or as a scarf to benefit from its energy, which will be absorbed through your body.

For example:

  • Red indicates a certain state of mind, which is anger or frustration.
  • Yellow means you are disappointed or feeling powerless.
  • Green means you feel lonely and rejected.
  • Brown indicates the longing to feel independent.
  • Black means that you like to be in control and you do not want to give up personal power.

If you have a certain favorite colour it also indicates a state of mind, for example, people who have blue as their favourite colour are gentle, friendly they are usually passive but other people feel comfortable around them and they care about other people, however, they can pass through stages of depressions every now and then.

On the other hand, people whose favorite color is orange tend to be cheerful and can express themselves well. They are organized and think logically more than emotionally, however, they are prone to have digestive problems.

The main emotions associated with each chakra colour tells us the following:

  • Green is associated with unconditional love 
  • Red indicates vitality and sexuality
  • Yellow may be used for low self-esteem
  • Blue is good for communication, intuition and expression
  • Violet is associated with spirituality
  • Orange, feelings of fear

Color Test

Close your eyes and think of the first 3 colors which come to your mind, the first color you choose indicates the energies you are mostly using in your life, the second shows you the areas of challenges for you and the third tells you the energies which you need to work on those challenges.

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